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The Five Minute Financial Plan Podcast

Apr 25, 2018

"The investor's chief problem - even his worst enemy - is likely to be himself." - Ben Graham

Ben Graham, considered one of the most successful investors of all time, knew of what he spoke. Most of the mistakes made by investors are the result of their behavior, which is often driven by their emotions. Fear and greed...

Apr 18, 2018

A financial advisor is so much more than just investing. Should you hire an advisor to help you manage your nest egg?

In this five-minute podcast, Retirement Matters founder and financial planner, Dave Grant, will be discussing when hiring a financial advisor might be right for you. 

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Apr 11, 2018

In the face of ever expanding life expectancies and rising retirement costs, planning for lifetime income sufficiency is more daunting than ever. Retirees must be able to come up with an optimal spend-down plan that protects them from prolonged market declines while maintaining the lifetime income value of their assets...

Apr 4, 2018

After decades of diligently saving and planning for retirement, the hard part should be over, right? After all, accumulating the wealth needed to fund your retirement lifestyle for 30 or more years has to be more complex and strenuous than simply spending it?

Think again.

The greater challenge is being able to create a...